Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Lives Without Healthcare

Dear Editor,

Over the past few months, I have been alarmed at the discussions regarding healthcare.

It seems Alberta and Newfoundland are taking the lead on destroying the healthcare system.

In Alberta, Conservative MLA Dr. Raj Sherman was kicked out of the Tory Caucus for his scathing e-mail about political interference and leaks of a private healthcare document. Add to that the firing of the head of Alberta Health Services, Stephen Duckett, because of his refusal to speak with reporters about the issue. Duckett's wife even accused that Duckett was hired to cut $1.3 Billion from the healthcare budget in his first year.

In Newfoundland, the Conservative government has battered and bruised medical doctors to the point where 14 specialists have resigned, an unprecedented move that has thousands of Newfoundlanders wondering where they will get specialized medicine after February. All the doctors wanted was salary parity with Atlantic Canada doctors. Yet, the Conservatives refused to allow Binding Arbitration, knowing full well they would lose.

It will take one swipe of a pen to allow healthcare to be cancelled in Canada. The Federal Conservative Government has hinted that they will drop the funding for healthcare should they get a Majority government. This would leave the provinces holding the bag and we all know that no province can afford to do that, not even Alberta.

So what do we, as Canadians, do? Are we going to elect another Conservative government that is hell bent on killing healthcare or do we make a change?

How do we pay for our Healthcare? Just as we pay for new items at home with a pay raise, we have to raise taxes. Put the 2% back on the GST that the Conservative government took off (2 cents for healthcare is cheap). End the tax breaks for large corporations. Tax banks on profits from service fees and other user fees that are charged to patrons. Decrease salaries for our provincial and federal politicians by 2%. Abolish the Senate (that savings alone could fund a third world country). Co-operate companies that declare bankruptcy so workers and government share in the profits. Place a 2% tax increase on people who earn more than $100,000 per year, 5% tax increase on people who earn more than $200,000 per year, and 10% tax increase on people who earn more than $300,000 per year. Levy a 2% tax on jackpot lottery winnings.

If we don't take charge now, we will lose healthcare. Two percent is not a lot to pay, but the Conservatives don't care, they would rather give your money to the rich, big corporations, banks, and spend it on fake lakes and extravagant meetings with foreign dignitaries while depriving Veterans of a pension.

Where do you want your money spent and can you qualify for private healthcare with your medical background? Swipe your pen in the next election and get the Conservative governments and their rich friends out of power.

Robin Brentnall, CD

The Hangover

Dear Editor,

I woke up this morning feeling very empty.

Am I suffering the effects of a Danny Williams hangover, where everyone looks back at the great time we were having only to wake up this morning and see that it was a drunken state of hipnosis?

I realized this morning that we still have High Unemployment, High cost for gas and home heating oil, ours doctors are upset and leaving, healthcare is in a shambles, trade workers heading to Alberta again due to no work here, Rural NL in ruins, IGOR victims still without help (comparable to the people in New Orleans after Katrina), no firm deal on the Lower Churchill (only a term sheet which is like a grocery list that will change as items become unattainable), and much more facing our seniors than they should ever have to face as a senior?

Did I mention the union employees still fighting on picket lines for a raise?

Thanks for the drinks and entertainment Danny, but I believe we drank too much too quickly and now the party for NL is over. We better take a couple of aspirin and call a doctor in... Oh right, our doctors are leaving.

I feel sick to my stomach.

Robin Brentnall, CD

Tuesday, August 10, 2010



The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has recommended to Health Canada that a tax-deductible long-term care insurance be considered to alleviate the healthcare costs in Canada. The CMA has stated that the, “Public healthcare system is unsustainable”.

On 5 August 2010, Canadian Premier’s from all provinces and territories met in Winnipeg and they too stated that, “there is an elephant in the room” referring to the cost of healthcare.

Over the past year, there have been too many coincidences and slips regarding healthcare. It appears that governments across Canada have been testing the water with their comments and insights into the cost of healthcare, and what else that money could be used for.

Premier Danny Williams tested the water with both feet when he went to Florida for surgery that he could have gotten in Canada within a week. He even did a full interview on NTV News and stated "The surgery I eventually got … was not offered to me in Canada.” The exact same surgery was available in Canada and his comment spawned an outcry from Canadian cardiologists, who stated that he could have gotten the surgery within one week in Canada.

Now we see Harper paying $130 Million dollars for Williams’ gaff on the AbitibiBowater Expropriation. Could this have been a payment for the seven seats in Newfoundland and Labrador? After all, Williams did drive the Conservatives out of NL with his ABC Campaign (Anything But Conservative), which saw six seats go to the Liberals and one to the New Democrats. Maybe Harper and Williams are making deals for those seats to help Harper get the majority he so desperately craves in order to enact his capitalist agenda and get rid of any and all Public Services in favour of “Pay As You Go” American style social programs.

We are being played as fools by the Canadian and Provincial governments. With healthcare being in the state that we currently find it, they are hoping that we will agree to the CMA’s recommendations and then government can get the elephant OUT of the room.

If a Federal election is called in the near future, healthcare will be one of the major players in whether the Conservatives will get a majority, a minority, or even retain power. As long as Canadians continue to close their eyes to what government is doing and support their healthcare incompetence, we continue to get closer to losing healthcare as we know it.

If we allow this to happen, we will see other social programs such as Employment Insurance, Old Age Security, and the Canada Pension Plan become the next “elephant in the room”. Harper has already poured salt into the wounds of our Soldiers and Veterans, do you think he really cares about you?

Robin Brentnall
Gambo, NL

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Many people believe we pay taxes to provide the Healthcare for our sick children, mother, or aunt. It is meant to provide schools and recreation, makes our roads safe to drive on, helps those in need, assists those in misfortune, and helps our province provide safe drinking water and infrastructure such as Fire Trucks and Community Centres. The people who believe that would be correct.

In a society with Social Programs such as those above, there is a need for Social Reforms that puts our tax dollars into social programs FIRST. If any is left over, we can put them into other areas of Investment.

In order to provide those programs, we have to collect enough taxes to pay for them. When our government, in an attempt to sway your vote, decides to lower taxes, as they have done in the last budget, they once again begin to lower our ability to pay for our Social Programs. When our government starts to take away taxes from our Social Programs and puts them into what they call Investments (Giveaways to Large Corporations), our Quality of Life begins to diminish.

This is comparable to your boss cutting back your salary, the government being the boss and your income being taxes needed to provide a home, food, clothing, and so on for your family.

Our government is cutting taxes by giving tax breaks to those who earn over $65,000 a year. There was only a very small tax reduction for those earning $40,000 a year and NO BREAK for the truly poor! This means that our government gave a tax break to the rich and nothing to the poor!

Since I was a child, my friends called me “Robin Hood”. My view of the world has always been “everyone is equal”. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way and many of those who disagree with my attitude are in the high-income range and didn’t want to share even as a child.

My idea of government is to tax the rich, lower taxes for the poor, and seniors would never pay taxes again! They’ve paid enough throughout their life.

Are you in agreement with me? If you support my views, if you believe in my way of governing, if you want to take back what is rightfully yours, I am here for you.

I appreciate your support.

Robin “Hood” Brentnall
Gambo, NL
2011 Election

Thursday, July 8, 2010



A few years ago, long before oil was discovered off our shore, Newfoundland and Labrador adopted a law that made drinking and driving an offence.

It changed the habits of many, keeping most off the roads when they had a few too many.

However, there are still a few who over indulge and get behind the wheel, taking a chance on getting home without having an accident.

Those few may get home every time, the odd one will have a fender bender without damaging anything but their own car, and some will damage someone else’s property but leave before they are caught.

One may take the life of your child, spouse, relative, or friend.

Oil companies are drunk on profits, unfit to steer their corporations through our neighbourhood, and so intoxicated with keeping the price of oil down in order to prevent cleaner energy from taking over, that they cut corners, dodge regulations, and pay only a small portion of the costs if they cause damage.

Big oil likes to have a drinking buddy.

They have found one in the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Tonight, a life may be lost to a drunk driver. Tomorrow, the environment, tourism, and the fisheries may be lost to a drunken partnership.

Will you take the keys from them?

It's time we sobered up.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Danny Williams stands and gives the fisheries a wave, "I'm supporting you, see what I'm doing?"

He is putting $14 Million of our money into a project that is supposed to be the Federal Government Department of Fisheries responsibility.

I often wonder what Danny is up to and the following news release answered the question:

"News Releases , Government of Newfoundland and Labrador:
While the major focus of this research will be on fisheries, to the extent that resources permit, it may also be possible to explore other areas of oceans research and development. For example, it may be possible to engage in seabed mapping for the purposes of developing the province’s oil and gas industry."

"It may be possible to engage in seabed mapping for the purposes of developing the province’s oil and gas industry".

Reality will show that this is just a way to map the ocean floor for Oil Exploration, which is an Oil Company responsibility, not the Provincial Government.

Danny Williams has found another way to deceive Newfoundland and Labrador and spend Taxpayer's money in support of his "Oil Baron Bravado".

Do you feel had?

Sunday, July 4, 2010


After I posted my last article “Dunderdale Deserves A Mulligan” to my blog, it dawned on me that whenever there is super good news, Danny Williams is front and center, taking all the credit for whatever the good news item is.

However, when it is something that is not going to go over well when the true facts or consequences come out and may make Williams look “Stunned As Yer Arse”, he makes Kathy Dunderdale or Kevin O'Brien or Jerome Kennedy or someone else stand and deliver.

The deal between Lott/Motion Invest and the government was one such scene. Poor Kathy, looking stressed to the max, stood and tried to tell the people of this province that a buyer was in the works, yet no price for the Mill in GFW was ever mentioned.

We know that this government talks numbers, percentages, and anything else financial to make themselves look like they are taking care of our “Tax Dollars”.

It’s time Danny Williams stood and told us the real price of the Mill, or is Kathy Dunderdale going to do that too?

If we are giving it away for $1 (as Abitibi paid for Stephenville), we need to know why. We have spent (or are being sued for) Millions of dollars already and we need to get that money back. That was the reasoning behind the Expropriation, to have assets to SELL.

Danny Williams talks a good talk and has fooled nearly everyone in the province. Slogans like “Polluter Pays” and “No More Giveaways” have made Newfoundland and Labrador feel like we finally have a “Real Leader At The Elm”.

Real leaders give ALL of the news, not just the good and leave the bad to his flunkies.

Danny Williams is giving away “Safety Requirements” for Chevron profits, making Taxpayers “Pay for Polluters” with Abitibi cleanups, and now he is “Giving Away” the Mill in Grand Falls-Windsor plus $52 Million in Taxpayer dollars.

Fancy slogans are just window dressing, obeying those slogans makes a Real Leader!

Robin Brentnall
Gambo, NL